Sahir Ludhianvi Biography in Urdu

The richness and the elusiveness and width of the Urdu was taken to new echelons by the famous Urdu Poet Sahir Ludhianvi who was born in Ludhiana in 1922. During his life he authored many books and wrote many poems that played a vital role in the development of Urdu literature across the subcontinent. A short biography of Sahir Ludhianvi is given here.
Sahir Ludhianvi biography urdu

Tera Kakh Na Rahe by Khalid Masood

It is saying that “A poem might be defined as thinking about feelings, about human feelings and frailties.” Today when we are busy in our own life, we need some time for refresh our minds and hearts and funny poetry can help us in this way. There are popular poet who wrote funny poems but very few poets got popularity among the masses because of their art. Khalid Masood is one of them who got fame because of their funny poetry. He attended many festivals of poetry and he recieved appreciation from the literature loving people. He is known as a revolutionary poet. If you want some good funny poetry then you can read this from our site. Here we are providing you famous Punjabi funny poetry of Khalid Masood Khan as “Tera Kakh Na Rahe.”

Tera Kakh Na Rahe by Khalid Masood

Hafeez Jalandhari Urdu Poet Biography

Hafeez Jalandhari as evident from his name, was born in 1900 in Jalandhar, India. His seal name was Abu-al-Asar Hafeez. He had a strong inclination towards poetry from his childhood. His book on Islamic traditions and Islamic problems (Shah Nama-e-Islam) raised his stature in the society and he got the title of “Firdosee-e-Islam”. Hafeez also wrote the national anthemof Pakistan. “Soz-o-Saaz” “Talkhaba-e-Shereen” and “Naghma-e-Zaar” are some of his famous books on Urdu ghazal. He was died in 1982. He also wrote some short stories like “Cheoonti Nama”.

Hafeez Jalandhari

Hafiz Mehmood Sherani

Hafiz Mehmood Sheerani (???? ????? ??????) was an excellent ghazal writer of Urdu Literature who was born in 1880 in Tonk. He was a researcher and his popular theory was “Punjab Mein Urdu”. According to this theory, he presented the idea that Punjab was the pioneer of Urdu Language. He was the father of another literary personality – Akhtar Sheerani. History of Hafiz Mehmood Sheerani is given here in Urdu. He died in 1946.

Hafiz Mehmood Sheerani